New Commission Finished!

Custom Painting Process

This commissioned painting started with a basic prompt of creating an abstract landscape in a brown color/tan palette. My clients told me that they enjoyed how I stylize my abstract landscapes and wanted their piece in this style as well.

I really enjoyed approaching this piece thinking about family and how to represent it through a landscape. I have had the pleasure of knowing and interacting with this family from their beginning stages until now and really wanted to capture the chaotic harmony that is found in their household. Even entering their new home for the first time to discuss this commission I was given a snapshot of beautiful life that they are constructing. Their 3 year old and 6 year old tried to help me bring in sample paintings even though they were twice their size. The new born baby was only content in her mother's arms and cried from time to time. And the house had a chaotic yet warm and honest feel about it. I have enjoyed seeing this family grow and adapt to life and it's unpredictable changes and I am happy to have created a piece that reflects their "Relational Harmony."


Final Product

In work.jpg