Abstract Geometry

This is another piece that was focused on the process of creation. This piece started as lines from a ruler and circles from a compass and my challenge was to interact with this static lines and shapes in a dynamic way.

Original Piece Size: 12"x36"

Medium: Oil on Panels (3)


This piece was created in the same theme as "Abstract Geometry" but the emphasis was not on organic and instead on geometric . The static nature of this piece allows it to be restful and content in its current state.

Original Piece Size: 24"x36"

Medium: Oil on Panel

Natural Guidamce web.jpg


This piece was inspired by movement in nature. I loosely based the textures off of trees but I allowed the piece to develop on its own accord in order to keep it raw and honest.

Original Piece Size: 12"x12"

Medium: Oil on Panel

New Geography

This was an experimental piece and its purpose was to allow diluted paint to drip and expand at its own will. By layering globs of paint with mineral spirits I was able to create some rustic textures and forms that resemble geography.

Original Piece Size: 18"x24"

Medium: Oil on Panel

New Geography