This piece directly addresses a human quality that is very dear to my heart. Male sensitivity is in my opinion an incredibly important quality that I hope we can allow and encourage. Growing up I was a very sensitive boy and for a large part of my childhood I thought this was a negative quality that made me different. Many boys around me thought it was silly to empathize with others or cry because they were taught that these things showed weakness. For me my art was a safe place were I could feel emotions and experience things on a deep level without consequences. Art allowed me to observe and feel things with intensity and passion.

As I am getting older I am realizing how crucial sensitivity in men really is. It allows us to be aware of our emotions and give them names. It allows us to have complex thoughts that don’t lead to rash decision making. I am trying to be more open with my feelings especially around other men so that they can feel free to embrace their own sensitivity and understand that emotional vulnerability is not a weakness it is a strength.

Available for $175.00

Original Piece Size: 9"x12"

Medium: Oil on Canvas