Framed Thoughts

When getting "Trapped in Light"  framed, I was forced to think about it’s concept more and more and I started to really understand how much it related to me. This concept of being in a societal spotlight has always been something I have been aware of. from a young age I have been a performer in someways, I always wanted to impress people with my athletic or artistic skills to that I could get their approval. This search for other people’s approval led me to develop my skills more and more so that I could constantly impress.

Now this is something that I am acutely aware of and try to understand, but I think it is crucial for me to be aware of the origin of my artistic passion. The origin being a search for other peoples approval, the origin being a performance for others. In my current work I really try to strike a balance between what I want and what others want but this is a very difficult like to walk. Because in someway you always have to have your consumer in mind if you want to sell any art at all. The art that I create cannot be just for me because I want other people to experience it and understand it as well.